The Mets are in the news again but this time it is not for their play on the field. Their mascot, Mr. Met found himself in some trouble after being shown on video giving the finger to a fan at Citi Field.

The Mets wasted no time in remedying the situation by announcing that the person who portrayed the Mr. Met character, will not be returning to that role. Is that really fair based on just what we see in the video? These fans could have been drunk and belligerent for all we know. This is why I say that these "viral" videos are so dangerous. We have no idea what led up to what you see on the recording.

I started a hashtag to show my support for Mr. Met. #StandWithMrMet.  He should NOT be fired whatsoever. Give the guy a break!

What do you think? Are you like me and #StandWithMrMet? Or do you agree with the Mets decision to fire him? Cast your vote in the our poll below!

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