Continuing my annual quest to watch all the films that may be in the running for the major Academy Awards categories (especially Best Picture), I rented "Midnight in Paris" over the New Year's weekend.

The film is a romantic comedy with a hint of fantasy. It follows an engaged couple (Gil and Inez, played by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams) who accompanies Inez's parents on a business trip to Paris. Gil is struggling to write his first novel, but finds the inspiration he needs in his ability to travel back in time to 1920's Paris.

Not only does Gil's discovery help his novel; it also offers him a few pointers on what's most important in his "real" life.

The movie, written and directed by Woody Allen, would not be enjoyed by the average movie-watcher, and it was not enjoyed by me. It aims for a much smarter crowd, and while it may do its job there (members of the Academy), it is a big miss for 99% of moviegoers.

One positive note I could make about the movie is the lead acting by Wilson. It'd be great to see him on the ballot for Best Lead Actor, but that's a stretch.

The mundane story wraps up in about 90 minutes.

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