The Emily Rand case took an amazing turn this week when police said they knew the identity of the man who's single punch sent Emily Rand to the hospital fighting for her life and that they would not arrest him. New Brunswick Police Captain J.T. Miller said, "We've finished our investigation and interviewed the individual you see in the video, as well as a lot of other people. At this time there's not going to be any arrests or any charges. It's a mutually exclusive fight between the individuals." Miller says that evidence shows she was the aggressor by punching him first, and "there was evidence that she was aggressive towards other people before the video starts."

We talked about this development on the show last night, and at the end of the hour a woman identifying herself only as Corrine called in claiming to be the mother of the man who threw the punch that nearly ended Emily Rand's life. What she wants everyone to know is her son says he didn't even realize it was a woman who had hit him. Corrine explains that her son was caught off guard and was suddenly on the receiving end of a blow to the mouth to which he simply reacted never realizing as he returned a punch that it had come from a woman. She has a lot more to say about this incident in the video clip above where you can hear her entire call.

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