Very few workers across the U.S. expect some extra dough in their Christmas stocking this year.

Pictac, ThinkStock

According to a new survey from, less than a quarter of employed Americans expect to receive a holiday bonus, and just 12 percent anticipate a pay raise this holiday season.

"This is really a reflection of what has happened with the Great Recession and what has happened since then," Mike Cetera, analyst, told New Jersey 101.5. "People are pretty pessimistic about how generous their employers are at the end of the year."

Cetera said over the past few years, workers have become "conditioned" to accept that the traditional holiday bonus is now a perk of the past.

At least New Jersey is in the pool of the most optimistic Americans. Thirty-five percent of Northeast residents expect a holiday bonus or raise, compared to 27 percent of folks in the Midwest, 22 percent of Southerners and 22 percent of Westerners.

Among those who do anticipate some extra cash before the year's end, most people plan to use the money to increase savings. Less than 20 percent said they would use the money to pay for holiday gifts.

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