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Happy New Year, guys.

My name is Tommy Farrell and I'm currently a student-athlete at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. I reside in Toms River and have been freelance writing for New Jersey 101.5. This week I will be producing The Dennis and Judi Show, as well.

My girlfriend, Sophie Lazicki, and her family are currently going through a very tough time, which no one should be going through during the holidays. So, I'm reaching out to our listeners for some help.

On Christmas Day, my girlfriend's elderly grandmother, Irene Lazicki, uncle Joe Lazicki, and cousin Tim Lazicki lost their Secaucus home due to a three-alarm fire. Her father and the rest of her father's family grew up in the house and her grandmother has resided there for the past 62 years.

"I just don't know how to express it. You know? When I saw the flames I cried. I was afraid. I never expected it to burn. It was horrible," Irene Lazicki told ABC News about the blaze.

In order to raise funds to help the family out with basic living expenses, we've created a GoFundMe page. The money will be used to purchase necessities for the family such as clothing and personal care items, since most of their belongings could not be salvaged.

Our hope is that the funds raised will allow them to start getting back on their feet, and to let them know that there are people who care and support them in the wake of this horrible tragedy.

As I said on the GoFundMe Page, this doesn't only mean a lot to me, but to my girlfriend's family as well. No one deserve to endure this kind of pain during the holidays.

Enjoy your holidays and on behalf of myself and the Lazicki family, thanks in advance for your generosity.

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