Browsing YouTube last year, we first we spotted something remarkable — some of the most beautifully decorated trucks we'd ever seen, absolutely covered in Christmas lights, making their way from New York to New Jersey.

But we had no idea who was responsible for brightening up our night until we put an open call on Facebook asking for help IDing the rolling marvels.

We figured if anyone was familiar with these trucks, there'd be no forgetting them — and we were right. Christopher Kelder, Ken McLaughlin and others let us know they were featured at the 2015 Wallington Fire Department holiday parade — a special addition by Salomone Bros. of Wayne, a company that handles concrete, contracting, plowing and other tasks.

Salomone Brothers employees spent a week decking out the larger of these two trucks with 30,000 Christmas lights. (Salomone Brothers)

It's had been the second year the company has decked its trucks, said John Lynch, who manages operations for the company. And according to the company's Facebook page, it's back at it again for 2016.

Over the last month, the trucks appeared at locations in Wallington, Woodland Park, Pequannock, Suffern, Wayne and Orangeburg, New York.

"Christmas is a very important holiday for us," Lynch told us last year said.

The company had been invited to participate in Suffern, N.Y.'s holiday parade in 2014 alongside fire trucks, so "we went online, to YouTube, and we tried to outdo anything we could find online," Lynch said.

Nice job.

He wasn't quite sure how many lights are on the smaller of the two decorated trucks — but the big one featured more than 30,000 LEDs at the time. It took five workers a week to get it all set up.

The trucks blare out music and snow (which might be the only way you'll see any of the white stuff this December) during the parades. The YouTube video we'd spotted, Lynch figured, was on the trip back from a New York festivity, either in Sufern or Orangeburg.

The trucks are out of service while they're responsible instead for seasonal cheer.

"As an organization, we love to participate in the parades when we can. We hold an annual Chirstmas celebration for our employees and decorate our whole building," he said.

How elaborately?

"Well, it has quite a bit," Lynch said. But I'm not going to tell you it looks as amazing as the trucks."