Most people consider themselves good drivers. But their spouse? That's another story.

A new Harris poll, conducted for, a driver safety group, finds that 85 percent of people consider themselves to be good drivers, and 61 percent believe they’re very good drivers. But only 33 percent consider their spouses to be very good drivers.

The survey also finds that only 33 percent of respondents think their children are fairly or very good drivers, and only 2 percent of people rate themselves as a bad, or not very good driver.

Jeff Seals, of Ewing, said he’s convinced he’s a better driver than his wife — and most women in general.

“A hundred percent for me and maybe 75 for (my wife). But some women get a 50 and some lower,” he said. “Some of 'em coming out on I-95, on the phone, and they’re not even looking and I beep the horn and they give me the finger.”

“I think I’m an excellent driver," Adrianne Brewster, of Trenton, said as she laughed. "I am single and I’ve only had maybe one good boyfriend driver in the past."

Collette Conroy, from Toms River, believes she's a good driver because she's "been driving since I’ve been 17 years old, and I have not hit anybody ever," adding: "But I actually think my husband is a good driver, too.”

Tom Chanese, of Trenton, rates himself "100 percent" when it comes to driving, but his wife is only "about 80."

"She’s decent. She’s a good driver, conscientious. She knows how I drive, so over the years we’ve been driving together and she knows how careful I am and she follows after my footsteps.”

Men may believe they are better drivers than their wives, but some are reluctant to admit it — like Mike Crim, of Ewing.

“I think I’m a pretty good driver, but I think my wife is a pretty good driver too — especially if she ever hears this," he said. "I’m no idiot!”