Should New Jersey be spending more tax dollars improving the state’s transportation systems? A new poll finds almost 80% of New Jerseyans believe the answer is yes.

The Global Strategy Group survey finds that 84% of Democrats, 75% of independents and 73% of Republicans support more investment in public transportation.

Lauren Bailey, the director of climate policy for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, said there seems to be strong agreement on this because everybody in New Jersey is dependent on a strong and functional transportation system whether it be roads, bridges, buses, trains or bike lanes.

Bailey said even during the pandemic where so many people are working from home, buses are packed with essential workers.

She described the state’s bus system as “incredibly outdated” and said it needs to be modernized to serve all riders in a better, more efficient way while the rail system should be enhanced with expanded service.

“People like trains: They are efficient, they are smooth rides, they are off the road,” she said. “I think that people see commuter rail as something that they would be attracted to.”

Bailey also said there is strong support for expanded transportation electrification, not only in terms of encouraging more opportunities to buy electric vehicles but also to build a larger network of state-of-the-art fast vehicle charging stations across New Jersey.

She said the survey also find 4 in 5 voters are interested in the state joining the Transportation and Climate Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Global Strategy Group conducted an online survey of 600 registered voters in New Jersey, December 9-16, 2020. The survey has a confidence interval of +/- 4.0%.

According to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, care was taken to ensure the geographic and demographic divisions of the population properly represent registered voters.

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