I've spent a lot of time in Morris County over the years. Working for Jim Weichert for most of my real estate career and launching our Common Sense organizations with the help of several key Morris Republicans.

If Republicans are going to have an impact on turning New Jersey RED and delivering a victory, or a single-digit contest for President Trump and the GOP nominee for the US Senate, turnout in the top GOP counties is critical.

Morris ranks 4 out of 21 in the state with 135,189 registered Republicans as of May 2024.

The top three counties for registered Republicans are Ocean at 185,658, Monmouth at 155,079 and Bergen at 153,635.

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One of the problems is that Morris ranks 9th as far as Unaffiliated voters and the Democrats have seen their numbers coming close to the GOP total at 117,242.

The good news is that there are many strong towns across the county where local leaders are empowering and energizing voters. Among them Parsippany, Florham Park, Hanover, East Hanover, and Randolph where the local GOP leadership is in high gear.

I attended an energetic awards event for the Randolph GOP this week and can report that the new chairwoman of the group, Lauren Patterson, is ready for November.

The key to counties like Morris, where you don't have solid, competent county leadership, is empowering local leaders to build strong foundations for local candidates to win. I can tell you that we'll be back on the road this fall, knocking on doors and promoting local candidates.

If President Trump is going to be competitive in New Jersey, as he told me he is planning, then it's up to us to build a local foundation that will help make victory possible.

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There is an excitement in the air that we are observing as I make my way around the state and Republicans are poised for a win. The challenge now is whether the Republicans can come together to win and erase the years of mistakes, missteps, and miscommunication that drove so many voters away.

Judging by the leaders our Common Sense team is working within Morris, the answer is yes. I'm not going to make any predictions yet about 2024 or 2025, but stay tuned...see you on the trail...

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