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Last month, Judi Franco of the Dennis & Judi show on New Jersey 101.5 wrote an opinion piece about why women should take their husband's last name. Judi said she took her husband's last name because she wanted people to know that she belonged to him. Her piece received a lot of responses from those both in agreement and not, so we decided to take the topic up ourselves in this week's podcast.

The fact is that more women are ditching tradition and not taking their husband's last name. A report by The Upshot, a data-driven blog from The New York Times, shows that 20 percent of recently married women have decided to keep their married names, with another 10 percent choosing to hyphenate it. The New York Times also took a look at their famous wedding announcement pages, and found a nearly 15 percent jump from 1990 to 2014 in the number of women keeping their maiden names.

The reasons why women decide to stick with their maiden name varies, but The New York Times report found that older women, highly educated women, women with children from a previous marriage, or those with an established career are less likely to take their spouse's last name.

So what's your opinion? Are you like Judi and feel that all woman should take their husband's name? Did you take your husband's name and wish you could go back to your maiden name.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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