The "Givernor" wants to give more of our money away, but this time it's a clever ruse to think it's going to you. He's been wanting to raise the millionaire tax on "people like him" for some time now, but more reasonable, experienced people in the state senate have said no. I can't believe I'm calling Senate President Steve Sweeney reasonable, but in the era of Murphy, thank God, he is! Now the out of touch "Givernor" wants to promise all of us peasants a $125 tax break on our property taxes. That's a joke and a pittance compared to the astronomical amount most of us pay for the privilege of owning a home in this state.

In a speech given Monday, Murphy said "this is about tax fairness" and asked, "whose side are you on"? He's trying to ply us with a $125 credit and sow seeds of resentment toward successful people so you'll take the bait. And he's putting people like Sweeney on the spot by asking the question, "whose side are you on"? I don't make anywhere near that amount but many small business owners, depending on how they file their taxes, might be included in this, despite the fact that they don't take home nearly that amount either. Plus if you do raise it on enough wealthy people who are job creators and/or spur the economy in so many other ways, they will flee as many have already.

He's diabolical and out of touch. What a great combination! This a shameless and brazen attempt to raise more money to feed his supporters in the public unions and avoid raising taxes for everyone. God forbid he should cut wasteful nonsense or trim and/or alter pensions and benefits. It's the same fight that's been pulling New Jersey down into the depths of serious debt for decades. Now we have a smiling, pandering, out of touch multi-millionaire with a clever scheme to try and get his way. Another shameless ploy by 'The Givernor'!

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