Montclair University has suspended 11 students from school housing for violating its COVID-19 safety rules.

A text from the university to the student community, provided to New Jersey 101.5 by the school, said most students were being "mature and responsible and doing what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe and to enable us to keep students on campus. I am incredibly proud of them. They are the real Red Hawks."

"But this weekend, some students chose an opposite path," the message continued. "They gathered in large groups to party without masks and social distancing. Those students apparently think the rules do not apply to them. Those students apparently do not care that their actions could affect the thousands of students who are responsibly trying to pursue their education and the employees who are working hard to keep the University safe and open for them."

It said there would be no second chances for students who violate the school's safety rules.

"Any student who violates the safety protocols will be immediately suspended from housing (possibly for the remainder of the year), will be referred to the Director of Student Conduct for disciplinary action, and will be immediately de-registered from any courses or programs that have an on-campus component," the school wrote. "There also are no refunds for housing when a student is removed through the conduct process. Eleven students have been suspended today, for this type of conduct."

While most New Jersey colleges are holding classes virtually Montclair is opening with classes beginning on Tuesday. Classes are offered face-to-face, online and in hybrid arrangements. According to the school 60% of classes are online.

The message also warned that "any organization associated with the University that hosts, permits, or enables students to gather in violation of the rules, either formally or informally, will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the year and possibly permanently."


"Students, this is real life; it’s not a game. I know it’s not fun, but greater maturity and a greater sense of responsibility in these difficult times."

Other colleges are also getting tough with their COVID-19 rules as well. Marist University suspended 15 students who went to a large off-campus party and did not follow social distancing protocol on Friday, according to NBC New York. UConn revoked housing for a group of students who were captured on video at a party, according to a Hartford Courant report.

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