In case you missed it. Monroe hockey player Mikey Nichols joined me in studio to talk about the injury he suffered while playing in a high school ice hockey game.

On the ice, Mikey Nichols was a player without fear, reckless and was always the kid who "went for it" with that "no quit" attitude.  I asked Mikey about the phases that he's gone though since the injury. It seems that even when doubt does creep into his mind, that "no quit" attitude and confidence take over and Mikey is stronger than ever. "I definitely go through waves, waves of emotions. I've definitely doubted myself at times like, thinking this could be easier if I just gave up on myself or this could be easier maybe if I just went and  lived at a nursing home at all times.  But that's not me, that's not who I am and that's never who I will be. I'll never give up. I, I may have days where I might even go as far as saying it I but I'll never not go.  I'll just do what I have to do and I'll work as hard as I possibly can."

When I asked Mikey what he has learned about himself since the accident, he replied, "Ive learned so many things about myself. I've learned that I was more than just a kid that played hockey. That was kind of what I went by before. I mean I still describe myself now as a hockey player but I got that taken away from me and I'm still able to keep moving forward. I know that my impact on the world isn't just as a hockey player.  I know now that I was set to inspire so many more people in a wheelchair than I ever would playing hockey. It's something that I learned in the past year and a half."

Watch the entire interview with Mikey Nichols and I in the YouTube clip above.

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