Miss New Jersey, Kaitlyn Schoeffel joined me in studio today to discuss her latest effort to raise money for kids needing help with a well rounded education in the Performing Arts. She's hosting a big event at Fernwood Middle School in Egg Harbor Township on April 28th.

The show features one of the most well know Mentalists & Illusionists in the world, Wayne Hoffman. Wayne tried some of his "mind reading" abilities on me today. I was blown away. In studio, he asked me to name a vacation spot where I'd go if I had a free vacation. My answer was Aruba. He then asked me to visualize the hotel and the room number. For some reason 4226 popped into my head. I told him. Wayne then proceeded to take off his right shoe and remove a folded piece of paper which he handed me. I opened it. Written on the sheet were two things: Aruba and the number 4226. We tried another "trick" after the show...check it out here. Then get tickets to the show HERE.

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