You've heard me discuss on air and through our website the absurdity of eliminating the swimsuit portion of the Miss America Pageant and the qualifying events leading up to the big event. My perspective is that the competition is about fitness and confidence and is not about "sexualizing" women. And I'm not alone.

You've heard my friends, former Miss Philly Ronica Cleary and former Miss NJ Kaitlyn Schoeffel, on my show saying the same things. Add to the list, New Miss NJ Jamie Gialloreto who joined me, Jessica Nutt and Jay Black for the latest episode of Speaking Millennial.

Although there was some doubt as to whether a 19 year old is actually a Millennial, it was close enough.

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Here's Jay Black's "Hot Take" on the episode:

If you haven't heard, they've taken the bikinis off the Miss America pageant.

Wait, that came out wrong. What I mean is, they've eliminated the swimsuit competition.

The argument from the kinds of people who worry about such things is something about beauty being holistic rather than physical. My take is that Miss America is a 96 year old institution that doesn't know how to adapt itself to modern sensibilities (like your grandparents at Thanksgiving) and it's trying anything and everything it can to stay relevant.

On this week's Speaking Millennial podcast, we hear from someone whose opinion actually, y'know, matters: Miss New Jersey 2018 Jamie Gialloreto.

Her take is that the swimsuit competition really isn't about aesthetics as much as it is fitness. That looking good is a function of hard work and discipline and that those are traits that are worth celebrating.

It's an interesting and insightful take on the subject, which is probably why Jamie is a pageant winner instead of a runner-up like I was during my pageant years.

Anyway, all that bikini talk leads to the usual podcast foolishness you've come to love and admire. Do yourself a favor, then, and download this week's episode!

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