For nearly 100 years, since the Miss America pageant started, women wore swimsuits as part of the competition. Not last night! It marked a drastic change in the pageant and paralleled society's refusal to face reality. Let's be real here. You can call Miss America a "scholarship" pageant and prattle on about how intelligent and deep these young ladies are, but bottom line... PEOPLE WANT TO LOOK AT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!

It's not a new phenomenon. It dates back before Cleopatra and probably the very first human who could say, "did you see that girl at the other end of the village? Wowza"! Yeah, wowza is the same in every language.

You may not like to admit it. You may prefer to promote women's other amazing, more meaningful qualities, but the truth is, it's a beauty contest. For the most part, every time women walk out the door of their house and another human being is present, male or female, it's a beauty contest. It is society's fault? Do we put too much emphasis on appearance? It's the media's obsession with looks that drives this, right? Nah, it's human nature.

Women like to look attractive and the rest of the world wants to look at it. Should we continue to deny it and pretend that our natural instinct to marvel at the beauty of the human female form? No, stop being stupid and pig headed! Women who were blessed genetically or work their butts off to have a better butt and legs, deserve the credit. It doesn't mean we objectify women and ignore their other amazing qualities or talents.

The numbers will be in today on whether people watched or not. It may not be an accurate reflection of whether or not this time honored Atlantic City tradition will go on, but the next year will be critical. As long as women who don't look good in a bikini continue to hide behind the excuse that the swimsuit competition demeans women, then we will continue to move in this direction. To be quite honest, anyone can see any beautiful woman in a bikini or naked anytime with a swipe or a click. So it's not the lovely young ladies in tiny bathing suits that we'll miss, it's the lack of honesty!

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