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While our wish is for our intimate relationships to be smooth sailing, sometimes they are fraught with miscommunication, deceits and infidelity. While some of these problems can be overcome with a trip to a marriage counselor, not all challenges can be won, especially if cheating is involved.

All of us can probably share a personal story or two about someone who did us wrong. And if we don't have a personal experience to share, we certainly know a friend or family member that has dealt with a cheating spouse. According to a post on's website, one or both partners admit to cheating in more than 33 percent of marriages. But what constitutes cheating all depends on who you ask.

Earlier this year, Men's Health revealed the results of a survey that asked 2,400 people about what counts as cheating. So while most people agree that having sex with someone else is definitely cheating, not everyone thinks having dinner with someone you're attracted to is.

The article, "We Asked 2,400 People What Counts as Microcheating. Do You Agree with the Results?" is a big eye-opener. But before we discuss some of these behaviors, you might be wondering what microcheating is. According to the article, microcheating is "less egregious forms of cheating." Think sexting, going to a strip joint, things along those lines.

To find out people's opinions about microcheating, Men's Health asked about seven different behaviors, including:

  • Watching porn by yourself vs. watching a camgirl by yourself
  • Having dinner with someone you're attracted to
  • Sexting
  • Sending others naked or racy photos of yourself
  • Having a work spouse
  • Following a former flame on social media
  • Maintaining your dating profile despite being in a relationship

So what did the survey find?

Well, it pretty much depends on what gender you ask. Both men and women overwhelmingly agreed that sexting and sending racy photos of yourself to others is cheating. Women, however, felt that maintaining a dating profile is cheating to a much larger degree than men did. In fact, it was a 15 point difference between the sexes. A higher percentage of women when compared to men also felt that is was cheating if you have a work spouse, watch porn or a camgirl by yourself, and go to dinner with someone you're attracted to.

The bottom line — while both sexes are on the same page for some forms of cheating, for others, the two genders couldn't be further apart in their thinking.

To see the full results of the survey, click here.

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