Oscar and Humberta Campos had been living in their own home in Bridgeton, New Jersey since 2001. They fled Mexico in 1989 when things just got too dangerous for them to stay.

They have three children, all born and raised here in New Jersey. Two are in their 20's and one is a teenager. The Campos' own their own lawn care business, are good neighbors and citizens and pay their taxes. They boarded a plane on Friday at Newark Liberty International Airport, deported by I.C.E. and the US government.

They tried to get help from U.S. Senator Corey Booker, and even their local Archdiocese of Camden, but to no avail. But don't think this is all the evil Trump administration's doing. Mr. Campos was arrested in December 2013 by federal immigration authorities during the Obama administration. He spent a few weeks in a detention center but was released and has been appealing his case ever since. Now the family is torn apart. Why?

Two reasons. First, they broke the law, even though they fled a bad situation. Secondly, our immigration system is flawed, even broken. There should be a simple fix for people like Mr. and Mrs. Campos. Pay a fine, and agree to a legal resident alien status for as long as they wish to stay, with limited access to public assistance and no voting rights. Done. Simple. Why doesn't something like this get passed through Congress and the Senate?

Special interest, weak cowardly politicians and an uninformed electorate, mostly. We asked our listeners today if they feel badly for this couple or they got what was coming to them. The opinions were split 50/50. I was surprised that this story did not get more play in the media and more people were not aware of this tragic story.

Now a good family is torn apart and the government continues to do nothing about a problem that affects many more just like the Campos family here in New Jersey and all around the country.

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