All week, New Jersey 101.5 has been exploring the state of mental health services in New Jersey, and the culture around mental illness.

Wednesday night, in a special live presentation on air and online, we welcomed experts in the studio to talk about the resources available, the policies that might do more and the ways we can all create a more compassionate, effective and useful environment for addressing mental illness. Replay that conversation above.

Representatives of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Carrier Clinic joined our chat in studio and on Facebook all hour

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Tuesday, May 16 : What if a loved one refuses help?
Wednesday May 16: They're receiving care — and their lives are better for it

Note: The goal of our program is to make sure people who need help, can get it. If our experts believe you are in immediate need of care, they will report it to ensure that care is immediately available.

This series is made possible by Carrier Clinic, an independent, nonprofit behavioral healthcare system located in Belle Mead that specializes in psychiatric and addiction treatment. Carrier Clinic’s system includes an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a detoxification and rehabilitation center, an adolescent residential facility, and a fully-accredited middle and high school for students classified as emotionally disturbed.