It's not often that you meet a family with such an inspirational story that it's critical that more people hear it, to help them stay motivated despite the obstacles in life.

I met Big and Lil Asmar about six years ago on the set of my FoxTV show, and was blown away by the incredible talent in a 7-year-old kid from South Plainfield.

His dad, Big Asmar, has a story of inspiration which includes the 16 years he spent on and off in the New Jersey State prison system. He was able to face his past, muster the courage to make a dramatic change in his life and use his own story to help take his family forward.

We don't hear a lot about people facing fear and adversity today. Sadly, many Americans opt to cave in to fear and a life hoping that someone or some external thing will save and protect them. Not for this family. One thing that really struck me was the fact that the kids live in the reality of Dad's past. No secrets, no hiding the raw truth. Just real life, real people. Mistakes and all. And in the end, the attitude, passion and raw talent come through.

As you listen, you'll also see how we overcame the small adversity of not being able to hear them play one of the tracks on Lil Asmar's new album, "When I Think About the Music," but no worries you can get it all on Spotify and every other music outlet around. Dad on drums, Lil on bass and youngest brother Jayden on the keyboard. Great stuff for sure.

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Enjoy the conversation and look for the next big thing coming from this South Plainfield family.

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