I saw a tweet from my friend Danny Bonaduce that got me thinking...

So I asked for my social media followers thoughts on this. You can follow me @realstevetrev on Twitter or at The Steve Trevelise Show on Facebook to give me your thoughts on the questions I ask. Here's what you said in response to this one:

Tommy Howell - "The cost/PandL fanatics love it. Being able to know how much profit can be pulled out of each bottle of alcohol."

Shane Howell - "Most people that aren't in the service industry are annoyed with it. After the Tiger Woods lawsuit against his restaurant I hope people understand the litigious reasons behind this. it's also the way to make consistent. A business owner wants every drink and french fry to taste the same every time."

Arlene Pugliese - "Every recipe is unique when each maker adds his or her own flair to it. I rarely bake with measuring cups anymore. Leave it to the bartender. That's also the reason why each person has their favorite go to person for a particular drink."

Andrew Satkowski - "Corporate restaurants demand you use jiggers but when u are in a rush period you just don't have the time to measure."

Jack Mariano - "My late (very wise) uncle - if running a business, use a measuring cup - if pouring for friends and especially family—/ freehand."

Peter Szewzek - "Unaffected. No need with a Guinness Stout."

Francie Trout - "Amateurs."

Darcy Barbera - "It is law in Philly. I always used the free pour technique. It is a counting pour. Much easier, fun, entertaining, to the point."

Giulio Poli - "Freehand is the gentleman's bartender."

Mike Bialecki - "It's protection against a lawsuit. Necessary evil."

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