Finally, it’s as though a light bulb has gone off over the heads of New Jersey lawmakers. The idea is being floated around to pass a bill, which would impanel a commission to look into the possibility of opening a casino at the Meadowlands.

Why they would need to pass a bill just to put together a panel is beyond me, but that’s the way things are done here.

And that’s why it costs so much to live here.
But I digress.

Naturally, the idea of putting in casinos at the Meadowlands has been talked about for some time. The holdup has been to give the struggling Atlantic City market time to prove itself and regain some of the lost revenue due to competition from other markets – namely Philly and the Poconos.

But, conceivably, a casino at the Meadowlands could stem the tide of gaming dollars leaving the state (which has also been plugged to a certain extent by on-line gambling); and give a boost to the waning horseracing industry – which has always been one of the bigger employers here.

According to this:

Some New Jersey lawmakers want to study whether casino gambling should be expanded to the Meadowlands sports complex in East Rutherford.

A state Assembly committee is scheduled to discuss a bill today that would create a commission to study the issue. But the committee isn't expected to vote on the measure.

Casino gambling expansion proposals have been hotly opposed by southern New Jersey lawmakers. They fear it would destroy the already-struggling Atlantic City casino market.

The state is halfway through a five-year period of incentives and improvements that Gov. Chris Christie instituted to help Atlantic City before considering whether casinos should be allowed elsewhere.

A 13-member panel would evaluate how well those reforms are working, and would consider the future prospect of a casino in Bergen County.

If given the choice between Atlantic City or the Meadowlands, where would you prefer to gamble?

Some might say Atlantic City, because not only is it a gambling mecca – there’s a plethora of nightlife!

The Meadowlands would get a nod of approval because of its proximity to New York City and North Jersey, plus Atlantic City's reputation as a high crime area!

My only question is – do they really need to form a commission to study its feasibility? Sounds like a typical Jersey waste of money to me.