It must be Day 327 of 15 days to stop the spread. So-called experts, without a droplet of evidence, are calling for two or even three masks at a time to, well ya know, stop the spread. Of course we already have mounting evidence that one mask doesn't work, so the entire discussion is absurd.

Meanwhile, feckless GOP lawmakers are pushing hard for one additional hour of yard time, err, I mean one hour more for restaurants to be open on Super Bowl Sunday. The madness in New Jersey has hit a new height.

All this while an estimated 1 in 5 restaurants will never open again, suicides, overdose deaths, domestic abuse and excess deaths from every other medical issue facing humans is on the rise. When do people finally call out this charade for what it is?

Meanwhile, back at the dysfunctional NJ government, despite the fact that the WHO has joined the chorus of common sense rejecting the high cycle thresholds producing false positives from the PCR test, another MVC office closes for a positive case.

We also hear over and over again in the news that it's all about getting vaccinated, according to the governor, as many as 4 million residents before we can reopen. But here are the actual survival rates from the CDC for New Jersey:

No mass vaccine use and the numbers in New Jersey reflect the rest of the country and world. Whether states are locked down or wide open, the mortality rate is extremely low for COVID. Among the people who do succumb? Don't forget that according to the same government telling you to mask up, and keep ya distance, also tells us that 94% of deaths had an average of 2.6 co-morbidities. So old and sick people are the most vulnerable. Isn't that the case with colds and flu as well? Of course it is. Same as the rising deaths from all other human ailments.

Seems New Jersey is among the last to come around to the realization that locking down, isolating and masking healthy people only serve to hurt the healthy and do nothing to save the sick. That said, I don't recall the clause in the Constitution which states your rights are subject to a health crisis.

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