If you've seen the Taxi reunion scene in the Andy Kaufman bio "Man on the Moon", you would get the idea that the comedian played by Jim Carrey wanted to leave the show. Not so says Marilu Henner who played Elaine Nardo in the classic sitcom and who's performing "The Marilu Henner Show" through Aug 15 at the Bucks County Playhouse.

Henner called into my New Jersey 101.5 show and we talked about Kaufman who played the lovable Latka Gravas on the hit sitcom'


"My Andy" says Henner sadly "I loved him, I loved him, I mean...wow"

The cast got back together all those years later in the Jim Carey movie Man on the Moon about Kaufman's life. In the movie, the comedian wanted to get out of Taxi



"We did get back together," says Henner. "We see each other socially a lot get together a lot. Here's the thing. I kept thinking there's something else going on here with Jim's performance and I think he's a brilliant actor Jim Carey. But now that I saw the Jim and Andy documentary now I know why his performance seems so different from the Andy I knew."

Henner goes on to say;

"I think that Andy's genius is like the boy next door. He was like this sweet guy who would do the craziest things. I got along so well with him. He fancied himself a song and dance man and it was just really...."

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Henner bounces back; "We always had such a good time together and then he'd do something outrageous with an entire audience"

Marilu disputes the movie version which portrays Kaufmann and not wanting to be on Taxi.

"That's not true," says Henner and talking about her appearance in Man On The Moon, " I just thought Ok Universal wants to pander to a certain crowd and thinks that this is more of a story," She continues " Listen, I know how reality series go, I know how television series go, a lot of times they need a story so they made it sound much worse than the reality of it was"

Henner contends Kaufman liked being on Taxi. "He liked being there, are you kidding? He loved it actually"

Marilu loves her own show which is running through Aug 15 at the Bucks County Playhouse.

"I do all these different numbers. I pay tribute to all the different shows I've done from all the shows I've done. There are some videos I show, I sing a song about "Dancing With The Stars" It's really fun. There are a lot of surprises"

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