She's been a "Taxi" driving television star, a movie star in such films "The Man Who Loved Women","Cannonball Run II" and Johnny Dangerously, a Broadway Star in such plays as "Grease", "Over Here!, as well as revivals of "Pal Joey", "Chicago", and The "Tale of the Allergist's Wife" a talk show host, advocate, singer and dancer and she remembers everything!


Marilu Henner is performing at the Buck County Playhouse through Aug 15. in The Marilu Henner Show". and she was a guest on my New Jersey 101.5 show

Tell us about the show

"I do all these different numbers. I pay tribute to all the different shows I've done from all the shows I've done. There are some videos I show, I sing a song about "Dancing With The Stars" It's really fun. There are a lot of surprises"


Henner has hyperthymesia or total recall memory; she can remember specific details of virtually every day of her life since she was a child. She works it into the show.

" I do this thing with the audience where after intermission, there a bowl that's been in the lobby and people can put a date and a year in it' says Henner "I'll tell them at random, tell them what day of the week it was, what I was doing on that day, and what song was popular at that time"


I'm a huge TAXI fan, when I go home tonight I watch it at midnight on the Decades channel. What's your funniest Taxi memory?


"My favorite one was "Shut it Down" parts one and two," says Henner. "The cabbies are sick of all the faulty cabs so we go on strike. I get elected shop steward and to settle the disagreement, Louie DePalma says that I have to go on a date with him. I show up with 4 coats, we end up doing the tango, it's so funny" Henner continues


" I loved doing it because of my negotiating scene, my walk across the table negotiating what's going to happen on the date, but anytime working with Danny"

Henner still keeps in touch with the cast.

"We are so close, we have done ten zoom calls since last March. I just went to see Chris Lloyd in the Berkshires, Tony (Danza) came to see my show, and we're all super close"

Henner also touched on her feelings for Andy Kaufman

"My Andy" says Henner sadly "I loved him, I loved him , I"

How is it you've never changed?

"I keep telling everybody no dairy," says Henner "Giving up dairy products really did change my life. I lost so much weight after I gave up dairy" But for Marilu, it was never about weight.


"It was never about weight for me as much as it was about my health. I was a stupid teenage yo-yo dieter, I put on a lot of pounds after my father died but when my mother took ill with rheumatoid arthritis and she ended up losing her leg, both my parents died tragically. I just said their deaths can't be in vain. I have to figure this out. I'm going to stop looking at the cosmetic aspect of all of it and start putting my entire life through the filter of health and that changed everything for me"


"The Marilu Henner Show" at the Bucks County Playhouse through Aug 15 for tickets click here

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