It's become a pejorative to call someone an "antivaxxer." It's meant to demean and indicate that the person is too stupid or delusional to believe in the science of vaccines.

You'll find that most people refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccines are fully vaccinated against deadly diseases and vaccinate their children with the required vaccines.

These are people, I among them, who've done the research, protected those around them, prepared for the prospect of getting the virus and made the decision to abstain. It's their prerogative. It's based in science and research and it's their right to refuse it.

Those rights are being violated in many quarters, by government, big business, and the medical community.

There are people in every state who believed in the vaccines and dutifully, blindly out of a sense of duty to the rest of us, who got the jab and have suffered severe injury and even death following the shot. Far too many, especially among healthy people, to be coincidence.

Take for instance Eric Clapton, who had a serious debilitating reaction to the COVID vaccine. He believed in the vaccine and the technology, but then he saw what the adverse effects could be first-hand. But look at the headline of the story about his struggles. "ERIC CLAPTON GOES ON ANTI-VACCINE DIATRIBE"-Rolling Stone.

Any push-back, doubt or questioning of the vax is met with derision. Clapton even wrote a song about it.

This is not to convince anyone that the shot isn't a good idea or that they shouldn't get one or a booster. This is just to point out that these people are not your enemy, selfish, or evil.

They are not spreading the virus more that those that have been vaccinated and may not be showing symptoms. They're just people like you that made a decision on their health. Many of them have been previously infected and may have far better immunity than the shot offers.

To all those people who are acting like self-righteous clowns online berated people for their own well thought out, well research choices, grow up.

Stop acting like virtue signaling, superior beings. You made a choice, maybe out of fear, maybe out of obligation to others in your house. That's your right and I'm happy to support that decision.

Stop dividing the county even further. It's nearing a breaking point and you're not helping, as much as you like to think you are.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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