​For all the guys who thought they were being so amazing by convincing a newspaper to incorporate their marriage proposal inside a Sunday crossword, or talking the actors of a play into bringing them on stage to pop the question, here's a guy who was completely unique. At least I never heard of it before.

Jake Woodruff brought his girlfriend Kara Crampton to Reloaderz in Wayne. That's a shooting range. They are new, having only opened in December. The owner has even slyly marketed the place beyond just the traditional sense but also as a unique date night for couples. But never before had they had a proposal there.

When Kara stepped into the firing stall Jake had a special target waiting for her. It read: WILL YOU MARRY ME? Just beneath were two targets, one yes, the other no. Not being any fool, Jake made sure the yes target was much larger than the no target.

​Let's go to the whiteboard on this one. First of all, is a simple proposal telling a woman on bended knee that you know a secret the rest of the world doesn't; that she's the most special person who has ever lived and you want to remain with her forever no longer acceptable? Do proposals now not count unless they have choreography and props, a marching band, a script, a live Facebook feed and the International Space Station? Second, is it the best way to propose marriage while being armed? I say this in jest, but think about it. If there's even a whiff of doubt in a woman's mind, does she want to express that to a guy who built up his hopes and dreams on this moment and who's carrying a gun?

Jokes aside, this was definitely unique and adorable. Best wishes to Kara and Jake! May the couple that shoots together stay together!

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