Governor Murphy unveiled a pilot program today which will give subsidies to certain community college students. This is of course his first step on the path to free college for everyone. Let’s say you like this idea. You would probably say that to pay for kids education, you’d employ the Robin Hood principle of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor as Murphy lives to do!

But if you notice the maximum family income to be eligible for this program is $45,000 per year. Which means if you make 46k, your kid isn’t eligible. And guess whose tax dollars are gonna pay for this? Yours!

If this program is being implemented under the guise of helping the middle class, then only families making less than 45k are to be considered solidly middle class. Which means you, at 50 or 60k with a couple kids can presumably afford to pay higher taxes to support all of this. In NJ we all know how absurd that is.

So the next time you get upset when you can’t meet your monthly bills, and your next door neighbor is going to college for free, educating your neighbor is your responsibility! After all, you’re the wealthy taxpayer.

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