Do you miss Mad Men? Here’s a look at what’s coming up in this the shows final season, which premieres on Sunday, April 13th.Don Draper, who after melting down at a client meeting, was asked to take a month long leave of absence from Sterling, Cooper and Partners. Meanwhile, his marriage to Megan is not going so well either. So, what’s next? Check out the trailer and leave an opinion.

I believe that you are who you are. Draper was really never happy being a married man with a middle class family and job. When you grow up a loner, sometimes the skin you keep trying to shed is really the skin you’re most comfortable in, although you’ll never admit that. One thing Draper always had, along with his loneliness, was his confidence and ability to get over on people. I think once again, he will use that to his advantage. I think the question that will be asked is whether or not that will be to his advantage in the end.

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