🔵 Consumers who purchased a brand of sheets from Macy's may get money back

🔵 It's part of a class action suit claiming mislabeled or defective products

🔵 A claim must be submitted soon

Did you buy sheets from Macy’s? If so, you could be entitled to some money from a class action lawsuit.

Macy’s has agreed to pay $10.5 million to resolve a class action lawsuit that claimed that a brand of sheets known as CVC or Chief Value Cotton brand, which is manufactured by AQ Textiles was either mislabeled, defective, or misrepresented.

The suit claims CVC sheets that were purchased from Macys.com or a Macy’s store in the United States or Guam between Nov. 8 and March 24, 2023, were labeled with an inflated thread count, causing consumers to overpay for sheet sets, the plaintiffs contend.

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Under the terms of the settlement, class members can receive a cash payment based on the number of CVC sheets they purchased from Macy’s. Anyone who provides proof of purchase or whose purchases can be verified by Macy’s records can receive up to $7.50 per unit of CVC sheets purchased. Claimants without proof of purchase can receive up to $2.50 per household, regardless of the number of sheets they purchased.

Affected consumers must submit a claim form online by Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Request a claim form by calling 844-483-0488 or by emailing info@cvcsheetsettlement.com.

“Macy’s hasn’t admitted to any wrongdoing but agreed to a $10.5 million settlement to resolve the CVC Sheets false advertising class action lawsuit,” according to a statement from Top Class Actions.

There are currently 25 Macy's stores in New Jersey.

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