Jersey growers are selling poinsettias and Christmas trees during the heart of the season for these holiday products.

State Agriculture Secretary Doug Fisher says New Jersey is producing about 1.5 million poinsettias right now.

"It is about $7 million-a-year for poinsettias for our growers. We have about 50 growers in the state," he says.

Those growers plant their poinsettias in the middle of June and cultivate them for all of these many months to have them at the peak of their bloom and color right now.

Fisher points with pride to the fact that many Jersey-grown poinsettias wind up in big city displays in New York and Philadelphia.

"We have massive displays from many of the growers from our state. We grow really quality products, and people recognize that — and beautiful colors and many varieties."

New Jersey poinsettias are sold in florist shops, garden centers and farm markets.

Growers in New Jersey are also offering 70,000 fresh Christmas trees of the "choose and cut" variety, something Fisher calls a, "sustainable resource, because they plant a new tree when a grown tree is cut down."

On Monday, Gov. Chris Christie declared the "Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Day" in the state of New Jersey. Fisher says it is an annual tradition "that people really enjoy, and that is where most of the industry centers itself."

Fisher says the poinsettias and trees represent a substantial amount of money for the industry.

"You are supporting our farming families in the state ... and we appreciate it."

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