Spring Break is happening across the world and young and old alike are looking for the best place to let off a little steam, take a break from it all, have a couple of adult beverages and celebrate life.

What are the criteria for a good Spring Break?

Bonus-Finder analyzed the data from the top 100 “party” cities across the country and assigned points to several categories including the number of bars, casinos, nightclubs, strip clubs, cost of hotel rooms, cost of drinks, late-night food venues available, last call at the bar, cost and availability of taxi from airport to city center, and number of music events available.

Photo by Antoine J. on Unsplash
Photo by Antoine J. on Unsplash

This city in NJ has it all

After looking at the criteria, I thought whatever city scores well, you will certainly have an enjoyable time at the destination that encompasses all that fun.

When trying to think what cities here in New Jersey would score well with the criteria listed, the first city that pops into your head must be Atlantic City.

Atlantic City never disappoints as a party destination and Bonus-Finder and their analytics named the city as the number one destination for the best Spring Break destination in the U.S., I am so proud. Atlantic City scored a perfect 10 out of 10 because it has it all.

Buildings on the boardwalk at night in Atlantic City
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Mile Square Party

When I saw the third-best party destination for Spring Break, I was shocked! Hoboken, NJ came in third and scored very well and followed Miami Beach which was number 2 on the list.

Music events, hotel costs along with taxi fares from the airport, hurt Hoboken’s score but they scored a perfect ten for number of bars, number of nightclubs and availability of late-night food venues which made their score overall an 8.76 and place better than Key West which scored an 8.61 and came in fourth.

Instead of struggling with airline travel, more expensive hotels, and lower-ranked party criteria, head to Atlantic City or Hoboken, the party capital of Spring Break and have the time of your life.

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