We’ve gone back-and-forth over the years about whether it’s better to sell stuff online or sell it personally at a flea market or a garage sale. And even though I know that a garage sale can be fraught with peril, my husband is dying to have one.

Eagle eyed Dennis and Judi fans will have noticed my post about someone who tried to scam me when I listed some stuff on craigslist a few weeks ago. That got me thinking… Maybe I should support my husband in his lifelong dream of having a garage sale. I have resisted this idea for many years but now that I am moving out of the home I have lived in for 19 years, it seems crazy to not try to sell at least SOME of my junk. Then I looked at the junk, and there’s a lot of it (and this is just a small sampling!!). What do you think?

For Sale

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