Why are police awesome? Add this story to the mountain of reasons.

In Summit, NJ a little girl was out trick-or-treating with her family and of course you have to bring your best friend along. In this case her best friend being her little stuffed purple hippo (Jelly Cat). She's so inseparable with Jelly Cat that it's nicknamed her 'lovey'. Well, in the chaos and darkness of trick-or-treating, somehow when they got home they realized her lovey was gone.

Facebook Photo courtesy of Woomee Lee

She was heartbroken.

Her mom reached out through Facebook to a Summit community group. She explained how they were in the area of Brayton and Laurel Ave and pleaded with anyone who might know the whereabouts of Jelly Cat the hippo to contact them.

Word got around. No luck. Lovey was gone. All the candy in the world couldn't make up for the loss of this little stuffed animal. A few days later a knock came at the family's door. It was the police.

Facebook Photo courtesy of Woomee Lee

In this sad age when police have a tougher job than ever with so many suspicious people assuming the worst about them, it was a beautiful thing to see why they were there. No, they didn't find lovey. But they replaced it. Officer Mark DeMetro from the Summit Police Department was at the front door with a surprise for the little girl. A brand new lovey. A little purple hippo. Looks like a dead ringer to me! Check out the smile. Well done, officer, well done!

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