Yet another survey shows a majority of New Jersey residents want to get the bleep out of here.

Nearly two thirds (64%) think it's a great place to live, while almost 60% of those polled said they have to leave due to affordability.

We are close to major ports and refineries, and major rail and trucking routes, so why is it so unaffordable. THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. State government in New Jersey is a giant drag on the economy and on peoples' lives in general.

A place that should be prosperous and thriving leads the nation year after year in outward bound moves. We all know close family or friends that have fled to other parts of the country just to stay afloat.

Murphy is not alone to bear the brunt of the blame. Decades of legislatures and stupid, socialist minded governors have lead us to this point, and it's sad.

Unless you're part of the mammoth, unaffordable government workforce or one of the growing number of people feeding off the system, it's simply unaffordable.

The system and the debt are unsustainable, so smart, talented, and courageous people are leaving in droves. We asked our listeners for the one thousandth time if they're leaving or have left and why.

It's not just older people who can't afford to retire here. We've heard from young families with three or four kids who work real hard, but just can't stay.

The call I want 'Givenor' Murphy to hear is from a woman who had lived in New Jersey her whole life, but just had to move to another state last year.

Please pass the audio on to Murphy's office and see if he can grasp what he is doing to regular hard-working people.

Like we said, this has been going on for decades, but he has accelerated the process to a whole new level. Listen.

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