Keeping New Jersey up to date on the snow is serious business here at New Jersey 101.5. (Keeping up with New Jersey 101.5 is pretty easy on Instagram, though)

Sure, we also have some "light" moments along the way!

Major case in point:

Despite the fluffy, frosty onslaught, news anchor Patrick Lavery showed up on time this afternoon.

That's the good news...and here comes the BAD news:

He couldn't get his car INTO the station parking lot!

After about 30 minutes...

Its a group effort! (Craig Allen photo).
Its a group effort! (Craig Allen photo).

...of (back breaking) shoveling...

Patrick guns it, and pulls into his freshly-shoveled parking space.


But wait...there's MORE!

Here comes the fun part!

I had no idea that anything...unusual...was going to happen.

But, when Patrick BURST out the car door, I was glad that I was still in video record mode!

Hard work needs to be rewarded....and this snow-bound behavior is just what we needed!

Lending Patrick a hand, actually a shovel, were Dan Zarrow, Annette from news, Joe Cutter, Lou from the digital department, and yours truly.

I hope that you enjoyed this fun, behind-the-scenes view of a snowy afternoon at New Jersey 101.5 as much as we did, as it happened!

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