Recently Senate President Steve Sweeney said the chances of passing a marijuana bill this month were 50-50 at best. Pretty grim.

Since our Democratic governor with a Democratic Senate and a Democratic Assembly still can't get a marijuana legalization bill passed, the issue may be taken up the way most states have done it. Through a ballot question before the people. In fact, only one state legalized the recreational use of marijuana through the legislative process, Vermont.

So if it comes down to a ballot, when would that be? According to, legislative and industry sources indicated it would most likely be a ballot referendum in 2020. Many don't want to wait that long, but with all the Democratic bickering they may have to.

Let's say you had the chance to vote on the issue right now. We're going to lay out several possibilities. After many years of talking about it and more than a year of failed attempts, what do you think is the best approach to recreational marijuana at this point? Take our poll.

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