Build-A-Bear is bringing back its “Pay Your Age” promotion with rules after last year’s long lines disaster. Members of its Bonus Club will be selected to receive a winning ticket to get a bear between June 24 and June 28. A date to come to the store will be assigned to the winners.

This got me thinking of what a "Jersey Bear" would look like if we were to build one. Here's what you said you'd put on it.  Who knows maybe next time you see one wandering North Jersey, he'll be dressed like this. If he is...let him live

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Carolyn Dee - "A Bon Jovi T-Shirt."

Tommy Howell - "One with empty pockets holding a property tax bill."

Harry Spivak - "A Carmen Miranda style turban made of corn, tomatoes and blueberries."

Steven Matthew - "Tattoos that don't age well."

Tina Louise Cook - "Gold chains, mullet, tank top under leather jacket and jeans."

Brian Sexton - "A picket sign for not hiring union labor."

Peter Szewzek - "NY Giants uniform."

Chris McKelvey - "A shirt 'bearing' my likeness!"

David Hershey - "A guitar with a Stone Pony logo on it."

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