Welcome to East California, a 'sanctuary state,' home of 9 million, where one out of every 18 people is in this country illegally. This used to be called New Jersey. I love New Jersey. I was born and raised here. It's my home. So I don't want to use that name anymore when they've trampled everything that was once good about this place.

The latest democratic governor to take the reins is a progressive who can't even get along with his own party as he steers us right at a cliff. The latest nonsense that's back in the news is his plan to take over $2 million of your money and pay the legal bills of illegal immigrants to fight their deportation.

Your money.

These illegals are not provided a lawyer you see. As non-citizens who broke the law to be here, they shouldn't have the same rights as American citizens accused of a criminal act. That point is lost on Gov. Murphy and his fanboys. So how to wrong this right so to speak? Murphy included in the state budget taking over $2 million of your tax money and providing free legal services to illegals. Chia-Chia Wang with the American Friends Service Committee couldn't be more pleased.

"We are really happy that New Jersey actually started quite big, with $2.1 million, even though it's still a fraction of what's needed to provide the services to everybody who is detained," Wang declared. She says a full program would cost about $15 million, but that this is a good start.

Sure, just keep going back to the tax trough and suck the very fiscal marrow out of what's left of our bones. No one in Trenton seems to get it. People want to leave this state, where we pay the most property tax and are gouged over 12% of our income in taxes as is. They dream about it. They plan for it. Many of us have nothing left to give.

If this progressive nightmare called Phil Murphy wants to legitimize the illegal and help them at every turn when they didn't respect our country's laws, I have a suggestion. Let Phil pay for this himself. Think about it. In his time at Goldman Sachs when the company had its IPO his net worth rose above $50 million. Der Spiegel reported his wealth at the time of leaving the firm in the range of several hundred million dollars.

Come on, Phil. That was in 2009. Hundreds of millions of dollars? I'm sure you've parlayed that into even more since. Hell that mansion you own in Italy where you vacationed is worth over $7 million alone. So my point is...

Let Phil Murphy pay for illegal immigrants' lawyer fees, not us!

Such a controversial issue shouldn't be settled on the backs of working men and women who have already been taxed to the breaking point. There are millions of New Jerseyans who don't believe their tax money should be handed off to provide free legal help to people who are in violation of immigration law. Plain and simple. If $15 million would fully fund this program as the AFSC says, then I know a guy who's lifestyle wouldn't change one bit by writing that check. And Phil, optics are so important to you that you even play the hate speech card when you think it will make you look good, right? Well imagine how this would play to your base! Phil Murphy reaches into his own pocket to help illegals! That's good press Phil! That's the kind of thing that can get you into the White House of a country headed in the wrong direction!

So Phil Murphy, this was your idea, and its your heart that bleeds for people who disrespected our nation's laws, so how about use your goddamn money and leave us the hell alone.

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