According to NJTV, Americans are having sex nine times less a year as they did in the 90s, but sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. In New Jersey, the incidence of the three major STDs (chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea) is up from 8% to 46%!

Why would diseases go up while sex is going down? NJTV quotes the Dean of Rutgers School of Public Health, Perry Halkitis, who says the culprit is unprotected sex because of high poverty rates and insufficient sex education. People aren’t as vigilant about condom use these days; the use of alcohol and/or drugs reduces the rate of condom use and people believe STDs have been eradicated, and that reduces condom use, as well. Also, some STDs are transmitted orally.

The CDC recommends people get tested at least once a year, or whenever they start a new relationship.

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