The NJ Legislature is taking a step in the right direction to require 50 hours behind the wheel for new drivers before getting a license. I think they need to go a bit further. Minimum hours required in inclement weather. This can be done safely in parking lots, but new drivers need to understand how to handle a vehicle when the weather is bad.

Also, they need to learn how to stay focused despite distractions. We know that the top killers on the roads are speed and drunkenness, but politicians focus on the low hanging fruit for revenue of cell phone use. People can easily be distracted by conversation even if they're hands free. Road signs, navigation apps, radio tuning, passenger conversations all lead to distractions while driving. Instead of focusing on the penalty side of it, how about train new drivers to deal with and handle the distractions that they will surely encounter?

Also, wanna make sure your teen is paying attention to driving? Teach 'em how to drive a manual transition. Awfully hard to text while shifting gears.

Michelle from North Jersey took my driving advice to teach her daughter how to drive....

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