Cardi B, her real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar by the way, has made a fortune on disgusting street lyrics and near-pornographic music videos. She’s spending part of that fortune on a palatial home in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Only she’s pretending it’s in New York.

In your home city of NY? Really Cardi? You can’t read a map? Or you’re just a phony as your wardrobe?

Tenafly is in NEW JERSEY. It is a town in Bergen County just shy of 15,000 people. I know people who live there. Only they admit they live there. They don’t pretend it’s New York City.

Sure, it’s close, sitting at the edge of the Hudson River and across from the Bronx. It’s just a couple miles north of the George Washington Bridge on the Jersey side.


That’s a state.

A state that isn’t New York.

Other famous people have had a similar blind spot to Cardi B’s in not wanting to recognize the fact that they were in or from New Jersey. Frank Sinatra left his hometown of Hoboken and never much looked back. It’s often been said he didn’t like to talk about being from the Mile Square City.

The home, still under heavy renovation, cost $5.85 million and she’s spending $1 million on improvements. It features nine bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, has 13,000 square feet and a guest house.

I hope Cardi B enjoys her “New York” home. We have things in common. I don’t want to admit she’ll be in Jersey either. I’ll take Jax any day.

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