LAKEWOOD — Video of the aftermath of a traffic accident on a township street went viral, and now the incident is causing a new stir after police charged a black man seen raging in the video with a hate crime.

Video of the three-car crash Wednesday at East Kennedy Boulevard and Clifton Avenue shows several people shouting about the incident and several men in traditional Orthodox Jewish clothing trying to calm a man identified by police as Elijah Chandler, of Jackson.

Chandler, who is black, then walks over to the driver's side of a car with New York license plates and bangs on the window.

"F--k you and the 'f--kin car. He ran the f--king light!" Chandler is heard shouting, peppering his tirade with slurs against Jews.

"You motherf---ers get driver's licenses and you b-----s can't even drive. Go back to your f---kin' country."


Detective Lt. Gregory Staffordsmith told the Asbury Park Press that Chandler was “involved with the accident” and charged with bias intimidation, terroristic threats, simple assault, criminal mischief and two counts of harassment. He did not provide details about the accident.

Lakewood police on Friday did not immediately return a request for more information from New Jersey 101.5.

In the video clip, Chandler does not appear to touch anyone. Chandler's involvement in the incident is not clear from the video. A photo posted by the Shore News Network news website shows Chandler lying in the street.

It's also not known who shot the video.

The arrest inspired a GoFundMe campaign.

"Stand Up Lakewood! The time has come for us to come together and help our community against the injustice and coruption we face everyday," according to a description of the fundraising page that appears to have been quickly taken down Friday afternoon.

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