New Jersey 101.5 had a very unique visitor today. Keena, a great dane, is a therapy dog from the group Creature Comfort. Keena and her owner Kristeen travel across the state to relieve stress for people, especially around the holidays. One co-worker in particular was not excited about this visit. Kylie Moore had a couple of scary experiences as a kid with big dogs, and that has stayed with her into adulthood. Understandably, walking up to a great dane and petting it is not an easy task for her.

Well wouldn't you know that right before Keena and Kristeen left the station, Kylie had a chance to face her fear. See the photos below!

Bill Doyle photo
Joe Votruba photo

Kylie says that she doesn't know if that got her over her fear of big dogs, but time will certainly tell.

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