Tickets go on sale next Saturday, November 22 at 10am for the KISS "End Of The Road World Tour" August 29th at the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall. Pre-sale begins November 19 at 10am at, according to

Whenever KISS comes I'm reminded a funny story concerning Gene Simmons and my cell phone. As we go fuzzy into the dream sequence, Simmons was hosting a party for those who paid $2000 for his "vault," which was a 38-pound safe filled with a box set of music and memorabilia. Along with that you got to attend a private show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia where Simmons performed, took questions from the audience, then went into a room where each attendee got to spend five minutes alone with him.

I was there covering the event and as part of that coverage recording it. I was fascinated by the way Simmons demonstrated the similarities of songs from several different genres. Then as he got into a great story about The Beatles songwriting, my phone rings!

Now I almost never have the ringer on so you can imagine my shock when it went off as well as my frustration trying to get it to stop. Simmons without breaking stride says, "I'll get that," then proceeded to bust my chops with things like, "Do they make that ring for men?" and "Are you a man, woman or other?" and, "You're going to be very popular in jail, just take that ringer with you." Usually I would have a quick sarcastic response but since this was my worst nightmare, and the whole room was cracking up with laughter, I couldn't think of a thing.

When I left the show, I returned the call which came from a comedian named Gemini. When I told him what happened, he said, "Why didn't you tell him it was Paul Stanley on the phone?" Great line! I wish I had it earlier.

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