Today's segment with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno took an awkward turn when a caller described hiring an undocumented immigrant and then docking his pay after a mishap with some heavy equipment destroyed part of a customers property.  Turns out, according to the caller, the worker left the US and went back to Mexico after filing a complaint with the department of labor.  The Labor dept. then fined the business owner several thousand dollars.  You really never know what you;re gonna get on #DigginInWithKim.

The story however that defined the segment was when a volunteer firefighter called in and asked Kim for help for one of his fellow firefighters battling a mental illness.  You can listen to the heartfelt call here.  Kim acted immediately and asked for the man's contact information so she can help push through the bureaucracy and get him help.

**UPDATE — On Monday April 3, we received a call back from Anthony to thank us for getting him on with the Lt. Gov. and that Kim called him DIRECTLY to let him know that she and her team are getting help for the firefighter. TO hear that update on air, not less than 3 business days after Anthony called into the show, was absolutely fantastic!

Anthony also made us aware of a Go Fund Me page set up to help Mike the firefighter. TO learn more and to donate, click on the FIGHT FOR MIKE page.

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