Tamara Wilson-Seidle was failed by everyone. She was failed by her husband, who was suspended for domestic violence during their rocky marriage and eventually gunned her down in cold blood weeks after their divorce. She was failed by police from Seidle's own Neptune department who stood by along with Asbury Park officers and watched and did nothing as he finished her off with rounds 9, 10, 11 and 12 through her windshield. She was failed by the very system of justice that is supposed to protect people like her.

Now a near 700 page internal affairs file shows damning evidence of that epic failure. The file on Seidle shows a history of excessive force allegations dating back to 2004. One claim was that Seidle hit a bicyclist then kicked and kneed him. Another alleges he threw a man on top of a police cruiser, kicked him in the ribs and punched him in the jaw. A lawsuit filed by the Seidle children, one of whom was there to witness her father shoot her mother to death, says when coupled with Seidle's long documented history of physical abuse against his wife this shows that authorities completely ignored every warning sign. The children basically claim had authorities not played favorites in protecting one of their own Tamara's death could have been prevented.

They are right.

In 2012 after Tamara called for help in regard to domestic violence his service weapon was taken away. A police psychologist declared him unfit for duty. That service weapon was later returned to him.

A year before the murder Philip Seidle actually offered to retire due to the ongoing drama with his soon to be ex-wife. The lawsuit states, "But instead of accepting his resignation, knowing of the explosive nature of the couple's confrontations and the history of domestic violence and prior discipline, the Neptune Defendants gave Seidle a free pass and asked him to stay."

Even after her murder in which police from his own department stood by with guns drawn but never fired a shot as he finished his wife off with the final four shots, the authorities continued to defend him. Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni joined us on air to talk about a long awaited report that concluded those officers did nothing wrong. Officers who stood by while Tamara bled out and for nearly half an hour simply tried to talk Seidle into putting the gun down and not harming himself. They called him Sarge. They told him that they loved him. Real nice boys. You all have blood on your hands. The joke of it all was when in the interview Gramiccioni at one point mentions how the nearest officers were 75 feet away and in another moment said officers are trained to fire from a maximum of 75 feet. To which one has to ask oneself, then what's the problem? You trained for this distance! But they did nothing. They watched while he fired four more rounds into Tamara's car after the initial eight. They did nothing.

The 682 page internal affairs file is as damning as an indictment itself, of the police, of the department, of the entire system. If any of us did what Philip Seidle did on June 14, 2016 we would have been gunned down. I have no doubt. I wish the Seidle children luck with their lawsuit. They shouldn't need it. This case speaks for itself.

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