On a network that once claimed "We Know Drama," TNT had plenty of it in last nights Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals between the Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors. The game came down to the final buzzer beater shot by Kawaii Leonard over the 7 foot Joel Embiid, which hit one side of the rim, then the other side, then went through for a 92-90 win which will send the Raptors to the Eastern Conference finals. It's either the greatest shot or luckiest shot ever and would have been a great ending for a movie if anyone would have believed it. So in the aftermath, I asked my social media followers, what's the greatest sports play you've ever seen either in a game or a movie?

Jan J Aruffo - "I have to say, the Philly Philly or the Philly special when our Eagles won the Superbowl. To outsmart those Pat's on that play, was the greatest play I've ever seen!"

John Kensil - "Immaculate reception"

Margaret Dunleavy - "Mark Messier scoring the winning goal in 1994 winning the Rangers Stanley cup, like he promised!!!!!"

Gabe Bacine - "The Triple Lindy from the movie Back to School. It can't be topped"

Ric Favacchia - "Rudy getting the sack at the end of the game (movie-Rudy)"

Tom Cunningham - "There's only one:"

Tom Strauss - "David Tyree’s Helmet Catch in football, “Havlicek stole the ball” in basketball, The USA-USSR game in 1980 but the greatest of my lifetime were the two catches Tommie Agee made in Game 3 of the 1969 World Series"

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