All week, we’ve been exploring how people in New Jersey view their state. We talked to senior citizens and  lifelong residents who are ready to leave. We also found people of all ages who love everything about the Garden State. But how does the rest of the country see us?

Once again, we asked friends from our Townsquare Media sister stations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Twin Falls, Idaho to share their thoughts about New Jersey. It didn't take long to realize that a few things immediately came to mind when they thought about the Garden State.

The first is Chris Christie — and not necessarily for positive reasons. The second, which comes as no surprise, is the TV show "Jersey Shore." In fact, the folks from Iowa and Idaho seem to harbor images of all New Jerseyans walking around with lots of hair product and fist-pumping their way through gym, tan and laundry excursions.

They also associate us with pretty much every mobster, mob front reference and mafia stereotype, and they're expecting any future trips to New Jersey beaches to end with the possible discovery of Jimmy Hoffa's body.

On the bright side, they had some really nice things to say about our beautiful beaches, boardwalks and something resembling a compliment toward Jersey girls. Or not.

So New Jerseyans, do you agree with our Idaho and Iowa friends? Tweet @NJ1015 or @ToniRadio1015 and let us know.

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