I'm not as obsessed with Vice President Mike Pence as one of our listeners seems to be, but I understand the message: He clearly believes in the importance of traditional American family values and the role they play (or don't) in the success or failure of our country.

Like him or hate him (or the current administration) you've got to admit, with the minimization of the importance of traditional family we've lost a lot of what made this country great.

I wanted to share this email I received from a listener.. I think the message is clear.

"Imagine" by an anonymous Dennis & Judi listener:

Just close your eyes and imagine.
Imagine a world where a married man wouldn’t eat a meal with another woman alone, other than his own precious wife.
Imagine a world where a married man wouldn’t drink alcohol where other women are present, if his own wife is not there with him.
Imagine a world where a man honors, loves and treasures his wife, his marriage, his family, his children, more than anything else on earth.
Imagine a world where a married man is willing to give up “fun”, “chilling out”, “light flirtation”, “hanging out”, “just making believe, for a couple of minutes, that I’m single again”…for the honor, the love, and the sacredness of marriage.
Imagine a world where a married man treasures his marriage, having fun with his own wife, and yes, flirting with his own wife, hanging out with his own wife, and never, ever, for a moment, wanting to make believe he’s single again.
He loves his wife and kids just too much to take a chance of forgetting, for even a second, the most precious, beloved, valued, love of his life: his wife.
Can you imagine?
How much lower would divorce rates be?
How much happier would children be as they watched how their father treasures his relationship with their mother?
How much less drugs, alcohol, suicide, cutting, self-hatred would there be among teens growing up on the foundation of such a marriage?
Among women being respected, loved and honored in such a marriage?
Among men taking pride in preserving such a sacred relationship?
What a gorgeous, precious, self-loving, self-honoring, self-preserving world it would be.
The human family is the microcosm of the human world.
The broken, bleeding, hemorrhaging, cracking, painfilled, infected state of the family of western society today is synonymous with the broken, pain filled world we live in.
Just close your eyes and imagine, for just a moment, how beautiful the world would look if every married man would respect and treasure his wife, marriage, children and family as much as Mike Pence does his through never, ever putting himself in a situation that might possibly bring him to compromise his all-important relationship with his wife.
Nobody in their right mind would play catch on the beach with a 50,000,000 dollar diamond. It’s just too precious. The momentary “fun” of the game is just not worth taking the chance.
To Mike Pence and hopefully to many other good men out there, the momentary “fun” is just not worth taking a chance. They love their wives and kids just too darn much.
Hats off to Mr. Pence. He is a throwback to a time when the one thing every self-respecting male was most proud of about himself was that hard-to-acquire, and equally treasured label: A good family man.
G-d bless Mike Pence.

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